Here are some of Testimonials written by our various clients.

Her Excellency,The Former Deputy Ambassador of the USA to Kenya(2009) and Ronald Deutch

My spouse and I selected Boniface “Shez” Mutahi as our mountain guide. Shez is a third- generation mountain guide. He fully delivered what was promised with no surprises. He selected a very compatible and hard-working group of cooks, assistant guides and porters to support our 6-day trek. Accompanying us on the climb were four of my family members. Shez organized our trip so that the speedy types could forge ahead with one guide while we more slow and steady climbers could take our time and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Kenya. To preclude any altitude sickness issues, Shez organized the climb to ensure a reasonable increase in elevation each day and a slight decrease in elevation at the overnight camp sites. Shez is a very environmentally conscious guide and packed out all our trash to keep the trails/campsites pristine.
We climbed up the Chogoria Route –4 days–summited and then descended — 2 days–via the Sirimon route. Cost for the six-day trip was competitive and affordable. (Note: The KWS Park fee was additional.) Shez included in his package: ground transport from and to Nairobi, food, porters, and tenting. We supplied our own rucksacks, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats, and personal gear — all of which the porters carried for us. We had only to carry our day packs. The cook provided a nice, varied cuisine of simple but well-prepared meals with fresh food. At the half-way point, fresh food was brought up to meet us.

We would highly recommend Shez and his outfit.
Pamela Slutz (and Ronald Deutch)
Former Deputy Ambassador USA EmbassyAugust 1, 2009


Remco Dijkstra

In March 2010 I climbed together with Boniface Mount Kenya via the 4-days Sirimon route. It was definitely one of the best experiences in my life!

Climbing a mountain is a tough, but very rewarding thing to do.

The scenery of Mount Kenya is really beautiful and every day of the hike is very different: the first day we started in the jungle and spotted lots of monkeys and birds (unfortunately we didn’t see the big African animals as the elephant or buffalo, but the idea that they are out there is already very exciting), the second day we walked in the moorland up and down through valleys and crossing some wild rivers. Haha, luckily I had good rainclothes with me, because we experienced this day some tropical showers (but hey, that’s part of the adventure!).

The third day was the best because we climbed to the top of Point Lenana and had from there spectacular views. We started this day really early (at 3.20 am), but the rewards were amazing: we catched the best sunrise I ever saw. It’s fantastic to see the first glimpses of the sun while you’re high on a mountain, being the only living souls up there, breathing the fresh and cold mountain air in complete silence, viewing the fantastic peaks of this mountain range, and all of this under a very bright and clear sky! This is truly sublime!

The last part of the climb was on rock, ice and snow and it scared me a little bit, but this made reaching the top in the end even more great!

Boniface/Shez is a very good and professional mountainguide. He is very knowledgeable about Mount Kenya and its flora&fauna, and everything from the beginning to the end was good organised. He also arranged a great cook (John) and that’s important, because you get really “hungry” after walking that much!

I was alone, but the price Boniface asked for this trip was reasonable and very good value!

So don’t skip climbing Mountain Kenya in your travel or holiday; it’s not easy, but I’m sure that it is the best experience and adventure you can have in Kenya! And Boniface as a mountain guide is I think a very good choice!

Good luck!



Tom and Jimmy Foster

My brother Jim and I enjoyed a fantastic holiday in Kenya, and had planned to finish the holiday with a hike that we would always remember – climbing Mount Kenya to the highest point possible without a technical climb, Point Lenana. We met our guide Boniface and our porters at Wilson airport and were taken to the gates of the mountain by hired public transport.

Although planning to ascend to the first camp site that evening, the presence of elephant on the path meant that we would spend the night at the park gates and climb all the way to the final camp on the first day. That night we had the first of our amazing meals, prepared in the dark on camp stoves by the porters. Boniface said that his aim was to make us put on weight by the time we came off the mountain!

Early the next morning we set out on the initially not-so-steep ascent. By lunch time we had climbed a great way and the terrain became slightly more challenging. However, Boniface was brilliant at keeping us motivated and going at a good pace.

Later that evening altitude sickness began to take its toll on both myself and my brother, as we had pushed ourselves to cover perhaps too much distance that day. We arrived at the final camp at the base of Point Lenana for the night and were very ill. Wrapped in all our clothes, in our sleeping bags and feeling ill, Boniface came with a lifesaving cup of warm lemon water and proceeded to take good care of us, ensuring that we were well rested, hydrated and fed that night, so that we were fit enough to make the summit the next day.

The final push to the top started at 2am the next morning, to make the summit for sunrise. It was very challenging due to how steep the pebbly slopes were. But we carried on and made Point Lenana just before a breathtaking sunrise. Photos of this I have added to the group. All that we had put into the ascent more than paid off in those moments as we seemed to look out onto the whole of beautiful Kenya.

The descent was a happy one, and on saying goodbye, Boniface presented us with trophies which we will treasure.

It was overall a fantastic and extremely rewarding experience and I do strongly recommend it.

Tom Foster