General Conditions

General Conditions

Deposit of 30% is required when booking on 60 days before the expedition. The balance must be paid on the day of departure.

All money paid will be refunded less the cost related to food, hotel and administration. Cancellation within 24hrs will not be refunded.

Includes all expenses as agreed upon.

Based on 2 persons sharing a 2-man double skinned mountain tent.

Alteration while on the mountain
The company guides reserve the right to alter, rearrange or cancel the operation of a scheduled expedition should conditions necessitate. They also retain the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of the expedition at any time.

The company guides and its agents acts only as agents of the clients in all matters relating to hotels/lodges,accommodation, tours,transport etc. and shall not be liable for injury, delay, loss or damage in any manner. All expeditions involve an element of personal risk and at times can be hazardous nature. Clients climb entirely at their own risk. Clients are advised to take an insurance policy to cover personal accident, evacuation, rescue and medical expenses.

Climbing Equipments
Clients must provide their own personal climbing equipment unless arrangements done for hiring services. The company only provides communal and camping equipment e.g. tents, stoves, and utensils.